Japan’s FIFA Team Features Blue Lock Kit [Fans Surprised]

    The FIFA world cup 2022 has recently started in Qatar and everyone has been talking about it.

    Not only that, even anime fans have been getting involved in football discussions since the Blue Lock anime started airing around the same time as the FIFA world cup.

    In midst of all that, who would’ve thought that Japan’s FIFA Team will Feature Blue Lock Kit…? This is really a Blue Lock jersey world cup…! Something fans “actually” loved.

    Specifically, majority of the anime community is discussing the topic: Blue Lock author designs Japan’s FIFA jersey, which they wore in the match against Germany.

    Japan's FIFA Team Features Blue Lock Kit

    Blue Lock Author Designs Japan’s FIFA Jersey

    Blue Lock has been a huge success since the anime started airing and has been in the top 5 best anime airing weekly this season.

    Not only it has a big and diverse cast but the way anime is adapted with great animation also plays a part in the big success of this football anime.

    Blue Lock Author Designs Japan's FIFA Jersey

    At the same time, the football world cup is being played in Qatar, where Japan beat one of the tournament favorites Germany in their opening match. It won’t be farfetched to say that this win was something out of an anime, where the underdogs beat the top-ranked team.

    But after the win, everyone has been discussing the fact that the Japanese team’s FIFA jersey was designed by the author of Blue Lock manga BUT it’s not completely true.

    Blue Lock Uniform World Cup

    Adidas Japan has collaborated with Blue Lock, which is still designed by Adidas Japan. But the Blue Lock author made illustrations for the Japanese jerseys.

    Blue Lock Author Designs Japan's FIFA Jersey

    Japan will face off against Spain in Group E, after getting their first win against Germany but in their second match, they lost to Costa Rica. Will they be able to make a comeback and advance to the next round of the FIFA world cup 2022?

    blue lock jersey world cup
    Blue Lock Jersey World Cup

    The Blue Lock anime is being produced by 8bit studio, who are famous for their work on “The Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”.

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