How Did Kakashi Lose His Sharingan

How Did Kakashi Lose His Sharingan ?

How Kakashi lost both of his Mangekyou Sharingans ?

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Kakashi was one of the Most Important character of the entire Naruto Series.
He was once the Student of Minato Namikaze : The Fourth Hokage.
Kakashi became Jonin at a very Young Age during the Third Great Ninja War.

How Kakashi Got His Sharingan:

He led Team Kakashi to Kanabi Bridge where he had to Destroy it, To knock down Enemies’ Plan.
You and I know that Rin Nohara was kidnapped during this Mission. Obito and Kakashi went to Rescue her.

In the process, Obito Awakened his Sharingan and they did manage to rescue her. However, it led to Obito’s supposed death.

A boulder fell on Obito and half of his body was crushed. He said Rin to transplant One Sharingan to Kakashi as a Gift.
That’s where Kakashi got his Sharingan (originally Obito’s).

After that, Kakashi was known by all Five Nations as ”Kakashi of the Sharingan”.

Kakashi also awakened Mangekyou Sharingan and began extremely dependent upon it.

How He Lost His Sharingan:

He lost his Sharingan in The Fourth Ninja War.

How Did kakashi Lose His Sharingan
How Did kakashi Lose His Sharingan

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During the Fourth Ninja War, Madara snatched Kakashi’s Sharingan to Transport Himself to Obito’s Second Dimention.
Where he could get the second Rinnegan from Obito to get back His Maximum Potential. In which Madara Succeeded.

Kakashi’s Eye was replaced by Naruto through Yin & Yang Release.
That’s when he lost his Sharingan first. But that’s not the end to it.

Matter of fact… Kakashi regained both Sharingans of Obito “Temporarily“.
Those Two Sharingans of Obito helped Kakashi to access new features like Creating “Perfect Susanoo”.

Kakashi Lost his Sharingan first Time when Madara Snatched it from Him.
Afterwards, When He Got Mangekyou Sharingans from Obito Temporarily, He used them to Fight against Kaguya with Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura.
At last Kakashi Lost his Both Sharingans.

But wait, there’s more…

Why Did Kakashi Lose His Sharingan:

Some people believe that Kakashi lost his Sharingan because Obito’s Chakra faded when he moved to the world of Hereafter.
Some believe its because Masashi Kishimoto ( Naruto’s Writer ) had planned to Retire Kakashi From His Job.

Does Kakashi Still Have His Sharingan in Boruto :


Kakashi Does Not Have Sharingan in Boruto because He lost both His Sharingans After Great Shinobi World War 4. He lost Both of His Sharingan Eyes because The Chakra of Obito, who Gifted Kakashi Sharingan Eventually faded away.

That’s The Reason Kakashi Does Not have Sharingans ( Simple of Mangekyou ) in Boruto : Naruto Next Generations

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Final Words:

After all this, For You and I, it’s Safe to assume that Kakashi lost his Sharingan because Masashi Kishimoto had to make a Reason for Madara to get to The Maximum Potential.

On top of that, Kakashi had to Retire from Fighting afterall. That’s why Kakashi Lost his both Sharingans forever.

How Did kakashi Lose His Sharingan
Naruto Healing Kakashi’s Eye

How Did kakashi Lose His Sharingan

why did kakashi lose his sharingan
Kakashi’s Eye Healed

But It’s Important to know that although Kakashi of The Sharingan was no more, But he was still the Copy Ninja of Hidden Leaves Mastering the 1000 Jutsus he learnt having Sharingan. Afterall He is a Legend, “Kakashi of The Sharingan”.

He is Still Important to me as he ever was !

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