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Does Naruto Running Make You Faster?

Many people have been trying to run faster since childhood, but anime fans have taken this to the next level in most cases.

Naruto has been running to see if they can run fast like a shinobi. In this article, we will answer the question that most Naruto fans have had since childhood: Does Naruto running make you faster?

Does Naruto Running Make You Faster

Does Naruto Running Make You Faster?

People all over the years have been trying to imitate their favorite anime moves, whether it Goku’s Kamehameha or the Spirit Bomb from Dragon Ball or Naruto’s Shadow Clone Jutsu, or the Rasengan.

But most of us must have realized by now that we can’t use them in our daily lives since they aren’t practical. But there is one that might be real and practical, too, and that’s the Naruto run.

So Naruto’s run is leaning forward while you run with your arms behind you. But does Naruto running make you faster?

In reality, most Naruto fans have done the Naruto run and might have figured out the answer themself.

But if you haven’t, the answer is NO; Naruto running does not make you run faster. Instead, it makes you a little slower; not only that, it might even make you fall and plant your face on the ground.

It is an inefficient way to run for humans in our world, where we don’t have the same superhuman bodies as the shinobi do in the Naruto world.

Many YouTubers, over the years, have tried to figure out the answer to the question, does Naruto running make you faster?

And all of them came to the same conclusion: it does not make you run more quickly than normal running. Not everyone can run like Naruto, but we can achieve our dreams as Naruto did. 

That’s the simplest answer to: Does Naruto Running Make You Faster?

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