Did Naruto Ever Hate Hiruzen?

    In Naruto series, protagonist Naruto Uzumaki has a complicated relationship with his father figure, the Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi.

    While it is clear that Naruto loves and respects Hiruzen, there are moments when it seems like Naruto might hate him.

    Did Naruto Ever Hate Hiruzen?

    No, Naruto did not hate Hiruzen at all, on the contrary Hiruzen was one of those people that Naruto respected the most and looked up to.

    He was the man who looked after Naruto and people may not like how Naruto was treated, but still, if it weren’t for Sarutobi, Danzo would have turned him into something everyone should fear for real.

    hiruzen sarutobi optimized

    He was the one protecting Naruto from becoming a weapon.

    People sometimes forget the political pressure Hiruzen had to endure to keep Naruto safe and just mock him for not taking care of Naruto at all which is not true.


    Ahmad Zubair
    Ahmad Zubair
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